Teaching Philosophy

By examining the world of the Ancient Mediterranean, I strive to impart in my students an awareness of the religious ideologies that shaped institutions from antiquity to modernity. Ancient Judaism, in particular, provides a unique lens with which to consider provincial responses to imperialism (with postcolonial theory), the afterlives of biblical texts (with textual reception theory), and the way categorically "religious" phenomena are embedded in a larger nexus of social forces (with religious and feminist theory). I teach my students to think with precision as they parse both the textual and material record. I aim to arouse their critical gaze toward the primary sources through analyzing rhetorical tactics and structural connections. My teaching is guided by the following four principles: careful reading, articulate speech, intersectional analysis, and modern engagement.

Courses Taught

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Pedagogical Writing

Using Harry Potter to Construct a Canon. Ancient Jew Review. August 23, 2017.